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Radian Afterburner and Ramjet G19 Gen 5

Radian Afterburner and Ramjet G19 Gen 5

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Radian AFTERBURNER + RAMJET Muzzle Compensator combo installs on GLOCK 19 Gen5 pistols to provide a better shooting experience, because less recoil means less muzzle flip and that means more accurate shots. The AFTERBURNER muzzle compensator and RAMJET barrel are easy to install and easy to un-install for cleaning, plus they’re both made from quality steel that has a Diamond Like Coating to resist wear and tear from the muzzle blasts. Radian designed this AFTERBURNER compensator with their INTRA-LOK system to work with their RAMJET unthreaded barrel, it just slides over, then uses a taper locking pin to grab the barrel, so the device is perfectly timed. Radian’s RAMJET is a match grade 416R stainless steel barrel that features a fluted profile. Last but not least, Radian AFTERBURNER + RAMJET Combo will reduce your G19 G5’s recoil by 44% and make the length equivalent to a G17’s length. 

  • For GLOCK 19 Gen 5
  • 44% Recoil Reduction (using 115 gr ammo)
  • Includes 17- 4 SS, DLC Coated AFTERBURNER Micro-Compensator
  • Includes Match Grade 416R SS Fluted Barrel
  • Easy Install/Un-Install INTRA-LOK Mount System
  • Increases pistol to GLOCK 17 length for G17 Holsters
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