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Lewis Machine and Tool

LMT Full Auto Enhanced BCG

LMT Full Auto Enhanced BCG

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The Lewis Machine and Tool enhanced bolt carrier group takes all that makes the standard BCG good and makes it great. The LMT enhanced BCG is designed to function in full-auto, suppressed, or short barrel rifles. The carrier is made from the same 8620 steel with a manganese phosphate finish, but it includes a host of new modification. This AR-15 carrier features an altered cam path that increases dwell time for more reliable extraction and a modified gas hole to improve the flow of gas across the bolt. In addition, it has more gas ports to help expel excessive gas to the side instead of into your face. The carrier also has multiple relief cuts to channel dirt and debris and maintain fluid movement. The LMT enhanced bolt carrier group is a simple upgrade that will improve the reliability of your AR-15.

  • 8620 steal carrier with Manganese Phosphate finish
  • Altered cam path for longer dwell time
  • Modified gas hole for improved flow
  • Additional gas port to direct excess gas away from your face
  • Relief grooves that keep your BCG running smooth even when dirty
  • Proprietary steel and finish for bolt
  • Modified locking lugs
  • Dual spring extractor
  • MPI and HPT
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The bolt is made from a proprietary steel that is harder than most standard bolts and has a slick finish that is easier to clean. The locking lugs have been modified to give them flexibility and strength when shooting over-gassed ammunition. It also features a “lobster tail” extractor that utilizes two springs to provide more consistent extraction and a longer spring life. IF you are looking to upgrade your rifle, the Lewis Machine & Tool AR-15 enhanced bolt carrier group is the one for you.


Brand Lewis Machine & Tool
Caliber Gauge 5.56 NATO
Carrier Finish Manganese Phosphate
Carrier Material 8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier Style M16 Bolt Carrier
High Pressure Tested
Magnetic Particle Inspected
Platform AR-15
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