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Arisaka Hand Stop Picatinny Mount

Arisaka Hand Stop Picatinny Mount

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The Patent Pending Arisaka Hand Stop is a continuation of our low profile, minimal control accessories. The primary goal of this accessory is to aid the user in pulling their rifle into their shoulder, enhancing control and recoil mitigation. The Hand Stop can also be used as a barricade stop, or reversed and placed at the front of the handguard to prevent the support hand from slipping off the end. The size and profile were designed to fit a wide variety of hands without being too large to get in the way. The Arisaka Hand Stop Picatinny uses a unique recoil lug that extends from inside the part, providing a secure, rattle free lockup. The recoil lug and patched mating screw are captured and cannot fall out when the Hand Stop is removed from the Picatinny rail. A rotation direction indication is CNC engraved onto the part to aid in tightening or loosening the recoil lug. A 7/64" Allen wrench is required for installation, with a maximum torque specification of 15 inch lbs.

Arisaka Defense, Hand Stop, Anodized Finish, Black, Fits Picatinny

    • Height: 1.3"
    • Width: 1.19" at Picatinny clamp, 0.625" at main interface where your hand or fingers contact.
    • Length: 1.1"
    • Weight: 0.84 oz
    • Hardware: One 6-32x1/2" hex cap head screw, one HS-P recoil lug
    • Made in the USA
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